Who, What, Where and Why is Thistle Goods?

What is Thistle Goods

Thistle Goods is known for its quality steel home accessories, but behind every brand is a human, or humans...(we hope).  I'm not sure how you feel, but I love knowing about the people behind some of my favourite brands, and the how and why of how they got to where they are today.  

When was Thistle Goods?

Thistle Goods was born in 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic, and I'll be honest...It was born mostly out of boredom and restlessness.  I (Delayne) have spent the past 8 years at home with my kids and the itch to do something creative, and get out and "see" the world has become stronger and stronger over the years.  When the opportunity came up to buy a small steel goods company from a friend, Jono and I jumped.  Why did we jump?  As previously stated, boredom, restlessness, a desire to scratch that itch. (I mean...hasn't everyone one been bored during the pandemic? Did anyone else buy a business? No? Just us? Ok.  And so we bought it, expanded it, designed some new products and launched in the fall of 2021.

Who is Thistle Goods?

There are two of us behind the brand, although you'll mostly hear from me (Delayne).  I am, as previously stated, a stay at home mom...although I guess I have to start telling people I'm also a business owner and entreprenuer!  (that seems scary!). Before becoming a mom I worked in many a retail store, from a salesperson to a manager.  Starting Thistle Goods, feels like a natural step for me in that I still love the retail game (just not the hours of the conventional retail store), and so I get to sell product that I finally truly believe in and have designed myself.

The other guy behind the brand is my husband Jono.  Jono has worked in the steel industry for years, and knows allll things steel, so this is also a super natural step for him.  He's an entrepreneur, a businessman, a boss, and a phenomenal spaghetti maker.  We've been married for 10 years, but trust me, we're still young.

Why is Thistle Goods?

Our hope is that these products find their way into your homes and you make them your own.  You style them to fit your homes vibe, not someone else's.  We hope that they make your house feel more like a home, a place you want to stay a while and kick up your feet.  And we hope that when you walk by your new towel bar, or see your rings stacked up on our ring holder, maybe, you'll pop a little smile.

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