Versatility of the 4" Tray

When we created this product I (Delayne) initially dreamt of it being a jewelry tray.  But the more I thought about it, the more I held it in my hands, the more I realized that was limiting all of it's potential.  And so, the basic 4" tray was born.

Office Desk Catch All

This tray is just perfect for placing on your desk beside your computer to catch all the random items you'll use in a day.  I know most of us have moved on from paper and pencil (but not me!), but there are still a myriad of things that need containing  on your desk to make it feel like a clean, organized space.  Consider your paperclips, your gum, your ear buds or your usb drives.  Your 4" tray will really elevate the look and functionality of your desktop.

Bedside Table Corral

Maybe you're like me and you have lotions, and serums, and sprays all over your night stand, and when you reach for anything, it all falls over and you've created a huge mess.  Enter, the 4" tray.  Arranging all those bottles and rings, and watches in the tray not only cleans up your bedside table, but also stops everything from falling at the slightest of nudges.  You're welcome.

The Beloved Classic

Lastly, the classic, the jewelry tray.  Beloved by every woman, and by every man who buys one and reaps the benefits of a happy woman.  The best place to keep all of the jewelry you love and use every day.  Keep one in the bathroom to remind yourself to take off that necklace before you shower!  Keep one at your make up desk to have all your favourite accessories at your fingertips when you're getting glammed up in the morning.  Or maybe keep one in the kitchen for when you attempt to make bread and knead (see what I did there?) to take your rings off to prevent that nasty sticky mess.  Wherever you choose to put one of these gorgeous trays, we hope it makes you smile.

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