Look back with us at 2021!


One of my favourite parts of the year has always been these quiet days, right before the new year comes, before we set any new expectations, when we have a few quiet moments to look back on the year.  Some years I'm not ready to move on, and then others I just wanna leave the last year in the dust!  I think 2021 is a mixed bag for me.  Starting a business is HARD!  There are so many little things to figure out, so many phone calls and emails reaching out to stores, so much rejection.  So when I look back on 2021 with Thistle Goods, what am I thinking?

The Beginning

Certainly I'd start here... I have to right?  It all started in the spring of 2021 when a friend of ours sold us his company and product and designs.  As we moved forward, we tweaked some designs, modified a few, and created some of our own.  We found a few fabricators, settled on a new colour to add to the line up, and charged forward.

The Bestsellers

As our launch date in October drew near I was so curious as to what it would look like, what people would gravitate towards, and what direction things would go.  As it turns out, the bestsellers ended up being the two items I designed myself, and in the colour that I selected.  Confidence booster!! The ring holder and the 4" tray ended up bestsellers, and in brassy gold no less!

The Behind the Scenes

I had NO idea how much work went into a small business from behind the scenes.  From running an Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest page, and trying to grow a following and some brand awareness, to communicating with vendors and fabricators, to receiving product in the wrong colours and so many more things.  It has been so much work, but I love it, and I'm so glad that I don't have to do it alone, that I've got Jono doing it all right beside me.  (Seriously... you solo entrepreneurs.... whoa!!!!)

Looking Forward

What does 2022 bring for Thistle Goods?  In this climate, can anyone be sure of anything anymore!?  We're going to try to be sure of a few things.  

1.We hope you'll be seeing our products in some of your favourite local stores in the coming months.

2.We're aiming to come out with a limited run of steel wall art! (no... not the gaughty stuff you see when you google "steel wall art"). Think much more modern.

3.We're also hoping to add to the popular jewelry storage concept with a simple, modern, minimalist necklace holder.

4.We're hoping to donate more and more to your favourite charities and organizations as you purchase from our store.   We're passionate about giving back to people and places in the world that are not in the same position as us financially. 

We hope you'll continue to support us here at Thistle Goods in the coming year, but even more than that, we hope that 2022 is a happy year.  May we all have less anxiety, less restrictions, less pandemic, better health, and bigger dreams.


Cheers to 2022 friends.  We are grateful to you, and if we could, we'd toast you all in real life, but for now... this will have to do. 


Delayne & Jono

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