Holiday Guide 2021

Sometimes holiday shopping can be so stressful, am I right?!  Especially in the midst of a pandemic, and worldwide shipping supply issues, and all that messy stuff.  So I think the best way to go about your holiday shopping this Christmas season is to think smaller... small shops that is.  They have their own stock, they generally aren't suffering from supply issues, and you'll be supporting a real person trying to make a living off of doing what they love.  So I've compiled a short list of a couple small shops you can try out this season for everyone on your list.

For the person in your life who is jewelry obsessed 

If you love jewelry, and you like it to be minimalist and neutral, @getgenuinegoods is the place to go.  Handmade in a myriad of beautiful tones of wood and stone, these bracelets are simple, clean, and sharp looking.

Studio bloom has the most dainty, stunning pieces around.  Simple and minimalist, if someone you know is obsessed with beautiful jewelry of all kinds, earrings and necklaces, then this is a must.  She also makes incredible pieces of art that you HAVE to check out.

Specializing in bridal jewelry, this company goes above and beyond to make your engagement and wedding ring dreams come true.  But they don't stop there. They also make beautiful jewelry for the everyday wear.  Be sure to check our their selection of 14k gold plated jewelry.

For the person in your life who is apparel obsessed

The designers of this clothing brand are life long best friends, which makes it that much more special.  They design each item you see on their website with intense scrutiny and thought.  If someone on your list likes their apparel to be a bit more edgy, but still functional, this brand will be perfect.

Made for the Lake creates the most comfortable hoodies, crew neck sweaters, t shirts and more.  In so many different colours and styles, there will for sure be something for everyone on your list.

Known for their incredible leather work, these guys make everything from mittens, to bags, to belts.  They specialize in high quality, with a rugged appeal.

For the person in your life who wants a beautiful home

June Home Supply carries the most natural, neutral, and aesthetically pleasing home items you will ever find.  Every item is beautiful and thoughtfully chosen.  Perfect for the person on your list who wants everything to be pleasing to the eye.

From vases to books, to glasses, to pillows and everything in-between.  Fort Home Supply is your one stop shop for the whole home.

For the entertainer!  If someone on your list loves to host people, Jena Renee has got you covered.  From cheese boards to display your best charcuterie to serving spoons and tea kettles for after dinner. 

If you have a favourite small business, let us know in the comments below so we can check them out!  I hope you find something on this list for every person on YOUR list this year.  There's nothing better then knowing you've supported someone who is on the road to making their dreams a reality.


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