9 plants you'll want to bring home today

Indoor plants have been trending for years now, and it's only getting more popular.  I can distinctly remember my grandma had a few potted plants hanging out, each one on top of a cute little lace doily... did you grandma have doilies all over the place too!? I wonder if those will ever come back!!?  Doilies aside... plants have been around in homes for decades, but which ones work best where?  Here's a quick little guide.

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

photo: www.treehugger.com

Bathrooms are too often small, and dark, and dungy... if you're like me and have an older home.  So if you're in my boat, here are a few plants that will brighten up your bathroom, and give you a little bit of life.

  • Air plants:  These little guys will thrive in the humidity that comes your daily shower... or two.  Get a cute little dish, or tray to set them on and they'll brighten up the darkest of spaces!
  • Golden Pothos: This one is my favourite, and I have so many.  The Pothos is the perfect plant to hang from the ceiling in your bathroom if you don't have a lot of floor space.  Give it some indirect light, and only water it when the top couple of inches of soil are dry, or it looks a little sad, and watch it trail!
  • Snake plant: Pictured above, this is the perfect plant for the bathroom.  It doesn't need a lot of light, and is very tolerant to drought conditions.  Just give him some water when you remember.  If your bathroom has very little light, he'll survive, but don't expect too much growth.

Purify Your Bedroom

photo: www.aerifyplants.com

The place where you sleep is so important, but likely one of the most overlooked rooms in the home with regards to plants because generally, you don't show off your bedroom when guests come over.  Try and think of plants in the bedroom not so much as decor (although we'll integrate them as such), but more just for overall health and sweet dreams!  So which ones are the best?

  • Lavender: This gorgeous purple-blue plant has been known for years as a sleep inducing scent and an anxiety reducing one too.  What could be better to put on your night side table beside your matching sleep spray?
  • Rubber Plant:  This one is not only stunning and easy to care for, but it's also proven to remove toxins for the air! Need I say more?
  • Succulents: One or two of these are not only the perfect size to set on your night stand, but opposite of other plants, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, increasing the quality of the air your breathe at night... pretty cool heh?

Kitchen and Living Room Plants

photo: www.thesill.com

The place you live in, the rooms you entertain in, and the spaces that you gather as a family at the end of a day.  These rooms hold so many special people, and you want to always keep them calm and inviting, a place to really feel like you're at home, even if it's not your home.  So you want to bring vibrancy, texture, and visual interest.  Here's where we start:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig: If drama is what you're after, this one packs a punch.  It brings height, flair, and a lot of visual interest.  Not for the faint of heart, this one requires a little bit of love and patience from the owner.
  • ZZ Plant:  This guy you can stick in corner of your kitchen that needs life, but seems kinda sad... similar to the snake plant, it doesn't need a lot of light to thrive, and he's pretty tolerant to drought.  But he looks real cool.
  • Prayer Plant:  With it's gorgeous pink leaf veins, the prayer plant is another one that brings some drama.  When everyone is sleeping in the dark, this guys folding up his leaves and praying.  It's real neat to see.  

Hopefully this will help you to create a home that has some real life and visual interest.  Maybe it will challenge you and even give you a new hobby!!

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