4 Ways To Style With Steel

Sometimes, when we insert a new medium into our home, it's hard to know how to style it with the existing vibe and aesthetic of our home.  Steel is often thought of as "harsh" or "cold."  We want to ruin that stereotype for you.  We've put together four ways that you can seamlessly integrate your new Thistle Goods steel products into your current home aesthetics.

1. Make it Monochromatic

Make your steel stand out!  Go for it!  Steel home decor can be a statement piece you'll want people to notice.  Purchase it in the matte black, pop it onto a white wall and you get an instant pop.  Stay within the black and white colour palette and you'll create a stunning monochromatic look with your new steel pieces.

2. Soften The Intensity

If you're feeling like steel is too harsh for the home you've created, let's soften it up!  Adding textures through throw blankets with a waffle texture, or an excellent throw pillow, or a jute rug can do wonders to soften any aesthetic.  Integrating a plant or two into your space will immediately bring nature inside and take off that "harsh" modern edge, and nudge you towards boho.  This is another reason we added the brassy gold colour to our line up.  Sometimes black is just too harsh for the vibe in your home, so soften it up with the softer colour choice that is provided with our brassy gold option.

3. Do Something Unexpected

Shake it up! If you've purchased a towel bar, you can use that product to hang your jewelry!  I use mine in my bathroom to hook my hair straightener through to keep clutter off of the countertops!  You can put it up in your kitchen and hang baskets from it to keep your fruit of vegetable close at hand.  Our beautiful ring holders can double as a scrunchie or ponytail holder!  Have a big steel planter?  Fill it up with ice in the summer and use it as a wine or beer cooler for all your back yard parties!

4. Don't Be Afraid To Take A Risk

Home design is all about being creative and having fun.  If you have an idea and you're not sure it will fly... Try it anyway!!  You never know what might come from it!  I cannot tell you the amount of times I've thought to myself how insane an idea I have is, only to try it and find it's actually amazing.  Don't be afraid to stray from the trend.  If you aren't quite brave enough to just wing it, ask a friend, or your favourite design influencer on instagram!  

Drop a comment or question below if you're not sure exactly how to integrate steel into your design or send us a DM on instagram and we'd love to help you out!

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