3 ways to decorate for the holidays on a budget

Every year when the holidays come around, we can all tend to get a little bit stressed out financially.  There's so many gifts we want to give, so many new dresses and outfits we want to show off with at our holiday parties, a myriad of charities that we crave to donate to, and in the midst of that, we want our own homes to feel like a magical wintery wonderland.  This adds up though doesn't it?!  So I've rounded up three easy and budget friendly ways to decorate your home this holiday season, that won't eat up all your hard earned dollars!

1. Change up your textiles!

photo: ellequebec.com

Super easy, super affordable... switch up your hand towels, your bath towels, your living room throw blankets, your throw pillows, your dish towels, all of it!! (or to be extra budget friendly, buy one new kind of textile each year until you have a whole collection!). Now, I'm not talking the super kitchy loud holiday prints.  Santa does not have to show up on every throw pillow in your living room.  But why not grab a deep green velvet pillow cover for a luxe cozy feel? (Ikea has ones for $7.99!). Or grab a nice plaid throw blanket to drape across your couch in a bright red to add some cheer!  It can be easy, simple, affordable, and you can do it all at your own pace, for whatever suits your financial situation.


2. Throw up some greenery!

photo: ellequebec.com

This is potentially the most budget friendly suggestion on the list.  It's FREE!  Go on a winter walk, find some evergreen, or cedar that strikes your fancy, and bring it home and pop it in a vase, and voila! Holiday greenery.  Bonus points if it has a cute little pinecone on it!  And if you'd rather not go for a walk in 20 below, then take a walk in your local greenhouse and purchase some of their greenery! If you're into one and done, you'll want to take a look at a local craft store and get some faux greenery that can be taken down and put up year after year.  This isn't always the most budget friendly option, but certainly in the long run, can save you money.

3. DIY Garland

photo: ellequebec.com

I have been seeing this allll over my instagram lately.  People are DIY-ing the crap out of their garland, and I am loving this.  Whether it's popcorn garland, dried orange slices, or kid made paper snowflakes!  This can be a super fun way to get the family together, and spruce up the house for the season.  Just make sure you look into the best way to store it for the year so it doesn't get all gross in storage.

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